Joey P.

Downtown San Jose Studio  

rediscovering happiness

Orangetheory Fitness brought me out of depression. I was 32 weeks pregnant and in August of 2017, something went horribly wrong. My son, Mason, had Jejunal atresia, meaning his intestines did not form properly and there wouldn't be anything doctors could do to help until he was born. In an attempt to try to delay labor so he could get as strong as possible to help increase his risk of survival after a surgery, I myself, almost died in the process. 

When Mason was born, doctors immediately took him away and prepared for surgery to try to repair his intestines. Unfortunately, after opening him up, there was nothing they could do. His large intestines had rotted so bad that he had no chance of survival. My husband and I were able to hold Mason in our arms in a private room until he passed away. He had lived for one day. He died pure of heart and for that I like to say I was the luckiest, unlucky mom in the world. 

The traumatic experience of losing a baby, and almost dying in the process sent me into a very depressed state. I spent months seeing a therapist, a psychiatrist, seeking comfort from family and friends. My heart was full of support but my soul, my spirit, was still terribly wounded. 

"Until I found Orangetheory Fitness." 

A girlfriend of mine had mentioned how much she loved Orangetheory because of how the coaches motivate you, while at the same time you push yourself to bring out the best version of yourself as you can during the work out sessions. I loved the idea and without even a trial class, signed myself up for the Elite Membership to give it a go I could have never guessed it would transform my life and fill the emptiness in my soul. 

My studio is the Downtown San Jose, CA studio. From the moment you walk in the door, you are treated like family. The coaches are energetic and inspiring. Their music is upbeat, and they take the time to make sure that everything you are doing is in correct form. I would walk away from each class inspired, (very sore), and excited for what the next day would have in store. I started to feel more confident, eat better, and have more energy. 

Thanks to Orangetheory I feel like my old self, my happy self- my inspired self. I would never in a million years guess that a fitness studio would be the magic ingredient to bring me out of my depression, but here I am. I am a believer and I am spreading the gospel to everyone I know.